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What not to say to a teacher?

1. You are so lucky. Weekends, Half-Terms, Christmas Holidays, Summer Holidays. I wonder why do you even get paid.

Please don't. Especially music teachers are usually paid on an hourly rate, which means you get paid just for lessons when you are actually teaching, no joy of a monthly regular salary. Also us not charging when your child is sick on the day...pure kindness.

2. Anyone could do that. If you would be successful in your field you wouldn't need to teach.

Being great at what you do and have the patience of a saint to explain it to's actually a special gift that is not possesed by many.

3. My child is always well behaved at home, it must be you or the rest of the class.

We understand you want to stand behind your child and support them. We also fully agree on that. But if we come to you with a certain complaint or a suggestion is probably because we tried all the tricks available and are asking for your help/advice. As a teacher, we would like them to succeed as much as you do but sometimes we need you to be willing to cooperate.

4. Who even needs music lessons?

This could be a very long disscuison but let's keep it short and crisp. Everyone.

5. You must hate children by now.

I guess it depends from person to person but I think it is safe to say that most of us do what we do because we love them and we see the potential they have to develop better and kinder world in the future. Also there is a lot of better paid jobs that don't involve you do the math.

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