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Thoughts from abroad

What does music mean to you?

For me music is mostly escape from the outside world. I can collect my thoughts and re-live my favourite memories. Sometimes it also reminds me of things I would wish to forget but this is just how life operates I guess.

Jessica, USA

I think of music as a main part of my job. Which means that in my free time I do enjoy the silence much more than you would think. When I work I need to think of the quality of the music, how would it suit with the venue, what kind of audience can be attracted towards it so the enjoyment is not the top priority.

Lars, Germany

Music makes my imagination going crazy. If I need a boost in creative thinking I just need to put my playlist on a shuffle so I don't know what is happening next and be ready to write some ideas down. It is true that the majority of ideas is very crazy and unrealistic but hey, you always need to start somewhere.

Maja, Slovenia

Its not that much about the music than it is about the beat. It keeps me moving and makes my body energised. It may be psychological but I can run for twice as long if I am listening to my favourite upbeat music.

Tamara, Hungary

I don't know really what the answer would be. It is just a part of my everyday life, I can't imagine my life without it. I wish I would take some lessons when I was younger but at a time my mind was elsewhere. Now I find it so intriguing when I meet people who can play an instrument or read music, it is a completely new world.

Marko, Croatia

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