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DIY Practice Chart


Keeping you on track with your practice or helping you supervise the practice your children do.

How much?

3£ to buy supplies, with which, you can make 2 charts.


♡♡_ _ _

When it comes to DIY projects the main aim is not just to make a unique product but also to have fun. And this 3 Steps Practice Chart is definitely fun to do and useful to have!

You need:

A4 Canvas (Poundland 2 for 1£)

Assorted Stamper Markers (Poundland, 1£)

Pencil and a ruler (Poundland or Tiger 0,50£)

Stickers (Poundland, 0,50£)


Divide the canvas in 5 equal parts as showed below, the best way is to make the lines with a pencil first so you have an option of correction, if necessary.

Mark the lines with some colourful pens.

On the left hand side, make some interesting shapes which will represent 7 days of the week.


On the top 5 spaces, you can put words such as:

Sound - Quality of the sound

Intonation - Precise intonation

Technique - Correct shape of the hands, correct position of the fingers, good articulation etc.

Awareness - Is your child (or yourself) able to recognise their own mistake? Are they able to adjust and correct themselves?

Musicality - Taking care of the correct phrasing, trying to achieve the right character, following the dynamics

Like this, the practice will be divided in different sections which makes it easier to analyse. Of course if you want to add or replace any of those words with a different word which is more specific to yours or your child's instrument, feel free to do it.


Add some stickers to make it look even more exciting and do not forget to include your child in the process of making their practice chart, especially if it is meant for them, while they will enjoy the process and get that extra motivation for practising.

At the end choose a stamper marker for each category and every time when you practice or if you help your child to practice, recognise the improvement and evaluate the practice session.

The chart helps tremendously with motivating children but also helps with having a very analytical overview of which parts of playing need more attention and which ones are already on a higher level.

Enjoy the process and gain a very useful final product for your children or yourself! It makes a huge difference if you are able to analyse your practice and if you have something fun and colourful to remind you how important the practice is!

We would be more then interesting to see how you practice chart looks like so email us on and send us a picture of your final product!

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