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Where do the lessons take place?


All our lessons are taking place at a specially designed music studio with a grand piano and other essential equipment.



Should I bring an instrument to a trial lesson?


You are more than welcome to but it is definitely not compulsory. If you give us enough notice we may be able to help you with providing an instrument for your first few lessons.



How does the payment work?


The lessons are paid in advance at the beginning of a school term. In case you would like to spread the cost we can arrange a monthly direct debit which would spread the cost between 4 months. 



What happens if I miss a lesson?


With enough notice, your teacher will offer you a different time and day slot so you can make it up. On short notice (less than 24h) we may be able to offer you an alternative but can not guarantee it. 



What are the teacher's qualifications?


All teachers are highly trained and experienced musicians and educators with bachelor and masters degrees. We also make sure that our teachers are DBS checked and regularly developing their knowledge through workshops, leadership courses etc.



Should I practice?


YES! Practice at home is a crucial part of musical development. Our teachers are specially trained to provide you with information regarding effective and deliberate practice which saves time and brings results. The teacher will advise you on how regular and how long the practice should be, taking in consideration your everyday life.



What if I want to cancel my membership?


No problem, we only ask for a half term notice (6 weeks) so that we can notify the teacher and rearrange the schedule. 



How do the Class Concerts look like?


Our Class Concerts are the opportunity for our students to show off their skills and practice the skill of presentation. Each student will have the opportunity to perform individually and/or in a group. The concerts take place at different local venues so students can experience real-life performance.



What age range do you teach?


We usually start with the age of 4 and we strongly feel that music education has no upper limit. In other words, it is never too late to start!



My question has not been answered, whom should I contact?


You can click the button below and contact us through our online form or drop us an email on






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