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Music Therapy Tuesday - Introduction

Music Therapy is relatively a new science specialisation but we are actually using it without our knowledge for centuries. Of course there are different aspects of musical therapy, from listening to our favourite pieces in order to make us feel better to actually attending therapy sessions where a classified musical therapist is helping our pain with different vibrations. The options are very open and just by googling a bit you will be introduced to many new information.

Unfortunately even though music therapy is a very non-invasive method and most of the researches showed that it is highly effective,it is still very underrated. The 'new' part may have something to do with that and also that healing with music sounds way to 'hippy-like' for a lot of people. Here of course we always need to be careful because there is a lot of opportunistic and very charismatic 'specialists' on this world who will try to sell you an old recording of Mozart for a huge amount of money with the manual that states that in order to make your children smart you should put the tracks on twice a day. That is a very broad example but as with everything in life checking the facts and the background is a very important part of the research and music therapy is considered a science so it should be always lead by a qualified person.

We like to believe that humans are like a very complicated car or different kind of machinery, when we get sick we try to find out which the broken part is and fix it. But usually we focus on the mechanic reparations. Do you have very high blood pressure? Here you go, this pill should normalise the level. Do you have broken arm? Here you go, this cast will keep it together until it heals. And all of this improvement of keeping our bodies younger for longer and fixing the mechanical problems, that we never thought we could, is a consequence of human kind working through centuries and develop new ways of healing.

But what can heal your soul and mind?

Here is a trailer video of a reward winning documentary Alive inside and for anyone who would like to make a first step towards discovering and exploring music therapy this is an amazing first step which focuses mainly on the mind and soul benefits of the music.

*Next Music Therapy Tuesday, do not miss the article about music vibrations and its healing process!

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