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Terms & Conditions



The balance needs to be received no later than the due date on the Invoice issued.


An additional charge will be added (10% ) to the invoices which are not cleared in time. In case the student/parent wishes to discuss a different payment plan they need to do so in writing directly to the school before the deadline.



Teacher, students and parents commit to respect the schedule.



Please make sure you attend your lessons prepared and on time. Short nails and clean hands will be much appreciated. Regular practice needs to be established to ensure progress, enjoyment and a general positive learning dynamic.



If a Teacher has to cancel a lesson a make¬‐up class will be provided at a mutually convenient time or there will be a cover teacher available on the day. Make‐up lessons are an added bonus that WMS’s provides for unplanned events/emergencies that may arise for the student. Make‐ups are limited to two per term. We will offer a maximum of two cancellation slots per make‐up lesson. If both offers are declined the lesson will then be forfeited. There are ‘no make-¬ups for make-¬ups’: once a make-¬up lesson is booked between teacher and student it cannot be rescheduled by the student. If a student misses a scheduled make-¬up lesson, it is forfeited regardless of notice given.

The missed lessons can not be transferred into the next term and there will be no possibility of a refund if the make-up lesson option is not used.

In an event of severe natural disaster or severe political destability, in which case the classes at the WMS premises would be prevented for a prolonged period of time, the school reserves the right to offer a different tutoring option in line with our quality of services.




Group lessons calendar cannot be individually tailored nor rescheduled. Lessons for students in any group class will not be made-¬up and no refund will be given.



If an unplanned event/emergency arises on the scheduled date, a partial refund will be offered.



Please ensure your child’s safety, and be sure to pick him/her up promptly after lesson/class time. Children are under supervision during their instruction time only. WMS teachers do not supervise children before and/or after classes.



The school is hereby granted permission to take photographs/videos of the students to use in brochures, websites, posters, advertisements, and  other promotional materials the school creates. Permission is also hereby granted for the school to copyright such photographs in its name.   



If a student wishes to discontinue the lessons, a 6 weeks` notice is needed.

The invoice for the 6 weeks` notice will be issued straight after written confirmation of the student that they wish to discontinue the lessons. The invoice needs to be covered by the due date and the student is free to attend the lessons in the notice period. Lessons not attended in the notice period are non-refundable.


There are no exceptions to these terms and conditions.

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